How to Write a Diagnostic Essay

Writing a diagnostic essay in a class to diagnose the students skills which they have and to know what skills they need to meet the objectives of course. Professors ask students to prepare a diagnostic essays responding to some prompt or question. A well structured diagnostic essay can be prepared by using prewriting techniques and using the allotted time effectively. A perfect requires a clear, short and effective thesis statement, body paragraphs and conclusion which is your final statement on your thesis.

Pre-writing Techniques

First you need to consider the alloted time to write when you receive your question for the diagnostic essay. You need to spend atleast 10% of the give time to prewriting task. The prewriting means prepare a preliminary answer for the given question, List your ideas which you are going to include in your body paragraph. Try to include atleast three ideas for a paper.


Before start writing just review the ideas you have listed at the prewriting. In the begining of the introduction restate your essay topic. Then continue writing with explanation to your statement. Write three reasons for your statement. That will become your thesis statement.

Body Paragraph

After completing with the introduction and the thesis, start stating a transition statement leading to the body paragraph. Always stay in your topic and don’t include any unnecessary sentences in your paper. Write about your thought on the particular topic. Then explain why do you think so and what makes you to think like that and how can we come to a final statement.


Restate the main ideas of the introduction and write the thesis statement of the conclusion. Mention what was your opinion about the topic before writing and how the research made you to come to a conclusion. Unify your essay through your final statement.

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