Important Elements of an Effective Essay

What are the keys that make an essay effective are a proper arrangement, reflection, and proof. Avoid delay so that you will get time to get the important data required for an effective essay.

Clear Point

The essay must have clear point which stays constantly in the whole essay. Before start writing the writer should research and brainstorm on the topic then get the accurate knowledge about the writing topic. The main topic of an essay is called as thesis statement; a fact can not be a thesis, and it requires strength to prove. The thesis statement must be addressing the prompt properly and it should provide a sense to the readers about what will be the essay exactly about.

Organization and Logic

It is essential to make an outline of the information you have collected before start writing the essay to get an effective essay. An outline will provide the logic and organization, and also helps the readers to identify the body paragraphs which stray through the main thesis. Every part of a paragraph of the body part in the essay should have connection logically to the main thesis in the starting paragraph. Once the writer planned about the paper, the writing process of the essay will become very quick and easy.

Analysis and Reflection

It is most important for a writer to expressing thought in the essay paper to provide an idea to the readers about what the writer think. Through the reflection and analysis, the writer search for an issue, thinks about the issue and takes the readers to his conclusions. The analysis provides to prove and express in detail about the thesis by evaluating the various elements.


An essay must include a specific proof which will support the research and explanations. The examples must provide a concrete proof for the statements which the writer explained in the body paragraphs. In the case of an argument essay, the writer may provide personal tale as the evidence. Each specific example which includes in the essay must be bound to the form of research or explanation.


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