Effective points for writing essays perfectly in IAS Mains paper

In civil service preparation, Essay is the most vital area which is taken for granted. It is true that we do spend days and months preparing for GS-1, 2, 3, 4. But none of us give a deep dedication for preparation of essays. The essay paper will be having two sections A and B. There will be four topics each for total marks of 250 (125×2) in the examination which is crucial in determining the final result, selection and ranking. Candidates must choose a topic from each section and then write on it for 1,000-2,000 words within three hours. There will be a variety of subjects given as choice. The candidates are expected to follow the subject of the essay and arrange their ideas in a sequential way.

What makes the essay paper important is, in terms of scoring, it is equivalent to almost 1.5 G.S papers. This paper takes a crucial role in determining the rank of candidate. Most of the rankers have scored above 55% in essay papers. Some are even around 60%. To secure a good position in the top ranks of the merit list, such marks are really helpful for the students. The fact that differentiates an essay from general studies is, an essay does not have a repository of definitive information. An essay is purely a reflection of the personality. One’s personality is actually his attitude, ideas, analysis, values, aptitude, communication abilities and assessments. These are the qualities that an IAS winner needs.

The theme must be reflected and flow must be maintained throughout the essay. Linking of one paragraph to the other is important. Covering a lot of dimensions in an essay is not what we need to do. We may lose the flow of essay in this race. Your vision and ideas should be reflected in the essay more than the reflection of your knowledge. When you choose the topic, just think on you r holistic understanding about the subject. So select a topic with which you are totally comfortable in all aspects. The wrong thing we do is we think that the topic is very common that everyone may choose it. At last we end up in choosing the rare. This is foolishness and many students obtain poor marks because of this.

Try not to be in a hurry when you see the topic. Everyone starts writing the essay when they see the topic without even identifying the theme of it. For every powerful composition one must preferably start with clarifying the purpose of the composition to oneself. Actually this is true about every written and spoken communication. First, create a layout of essay i.e. how your essay is going to proceed. From past to present and then to future is the most appropriate technique. Body part is all about analysis. 3 things are Important here. You will have to discuss both sides if the topic is debatable. Otherwise, it can be straight-forward. You will have to explain each of the arguments that you mentioned with some examples. Conclusion is about summarizing the topic and giving your concluding stand. It will be nice if you conclude your essay with some positive vision.


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