Proper ways to polish a persuasive essay to make it perfect

Persuasive essay or argument essay is the one in which logic, reason and causes are considered to show the legitimacy of one idea over the other. A reader is persuaded to adopt a perspective or to take a certain action. Here the writer’s job is to convince the reader. The reader should force his mind to accept a given point of view or take an action. What is required in persuasive essay is, excellent research, understanding of issue’s both sides and awareness of the reader’s biases.

You know how a lawyer argues a case before a jury. Persuasive essay writing is just like that. The writer will be taking a stand on an issue. It can be favoring or against. He will build the most stable argument in order to win over the reader. It is a known fact that Persuasion is on a study since ancient Greece. Mastering in it is not an easy target, but the tricks and tools learning will help you to be a better writer. Try to sound like an expert. Cutting out the small words and other useless phrases will help to obtain a touch of authority.

Prewriting phase of persuasive essay writing is utterly important. Writer should plan almost every aspect of the essay in this stage. Mainly, select your position. I.e., are you going to writ favoring points or denial points? You should be thorough on the purpose of your essay. Another important thing is to analyze your audience. Make a decision on whether your audience will agree with you or is going to stand as neutral, or will disagree with you. You have to make sure that the topic you are selecting is well studied. Don’t stop reading about the topic using legitimate sources. Write down some notes and check your thesis. It is important to have two sides for your thesis. It has to be debatable. To know that whether your topic is debatable, just check if you can think of directly opposing your position.

Like every other writing piece, the introduction should have a magnetic power that can pull the reader’s attention. An unusual statistic, a question, quotation etc are great option to start with. “Talking on a mobile phone while driving, hands-free too, is equivalent to driving drunk” is a good quote to start with. There should not be any confusion on the writer’s position in the thesis statement. A separate point should be covered in each paragraph. Also strong evidence should be offered in each paragraph. It can be in any form like statistics, facts, quotes etc. Real-life examples will be much more catching. It’s better not to assume the audience has deep knowledge of the topic. Defining terms and giving background information will be nice. As you know the conclusion should summarize the most valuable evidence and should encourage the reader to adopt the position. There is no problem if the closing sentence is a bit dramatic. It can be a prediction which implies urgent action is needed, or a proposal that gives readers some ideas on what they can do, or a question that provokes readers to think very seriously about the problem.

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