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Should I do an undergraduate honors thesis? - johnmathew - 04-03-2017

I'm entering into my final 12 months of undergraduate research. As anĀ  College scholar, I actually have the choice to complete a thesis this 12 months. I've already made it through the guidance semester and had my thought accepted, but I'm now not very obsessed with the subject I decided on, and I'm not certain if the effort of persevering with with the challenge may be well worth the reward. Details inner.I spent my concept semester with the identical quandary described here. I had masses of large ideas I become interested by, however had quite a few problem narrowing them down into possible subjects. I subsequently managed to get something down on paper for the idea. I become excited once I submitted the notion, but during the last few months I've quite a lot misplaced all interest in my topic, and I'm dreading the idea of spending the following eight months with it.