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Why do students need to write essays frequently?
Every high school, college and university requires its students to prepare absorbing and logically constructed essay papers. This assignment is vital to young professionals whereas they learn to express their point of view in the written form. Unluckily, students find essay writing difficult because very few people are inborn writers. Some people are good at physics and mathematics. Others are strong in language and literature.
Essay writing is supposed to be the prerogative of the latter; however, every student should know how to complete good essays despite his preferences and potential. This assignment is the basis to the successful academic practice.
Modern schools and colleges now not satisfied with the test scores, extra activities and grades.They are now giving frequent essay writing task,inorder to improve the critical thinking, decision making, or may be other factors which are subjected to organization or school.For the successful completion of the academic course with high score, they have to complete all academic tasks within the given period.  Students are subjected to many essay assignments that must be completed in less time. Essay writing is difficult task for students,since they are not born writers.But by practicing frequent they are becoming expert in writing and their qualities like critical thinking,decision making power etc improved.

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