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Internal Attitudes and Self-Improvement in dissertation writing
-Write something every day, even if it is not on the dissertation. Every skill takes 10,000 hours to master. That includes writing. Writing is like exercising a muscle. You only get good at it through practice. That can include a personal journal, emails, a blog post like this one, etc.
   -Feel good first. Then write. A burdened mind is an unproductive mind. Negative thoughts are blocking. Get everything else in your life in order to the greatest extent possible. Think positive. Then write.
   -If you cannot get started, write about what troubles you. Notice what you keep thinking about.
  - If you still cannot get started, ask yourself, “Why did I care?” What made you start this project in the first place? Writer’s block comes from a lack of emotional engagement with one’s work. As time passes, it is natural to become more emotionally detached from the work. Step back, and remind yourself why you care and what makes your project so awesome.
  -Reward yourself. Reward positive behavior. Reward your accomplishments, but only when you actually reach a milestone. Otherwise, don’t. (I asked, “But when I have momentum, I hate to disrupt my momentum with something frivolous like a reward. Is that okay to skip rewards?” Her answer: “No.” Because if you rely on momentum, then something must be wrong with the system. Therefore, improve the system. Ask yourself why you are so reliant on momentum in the first place. Otherwise, writer’s block will inevitably occur again.
Writing every day is the best practice to improve your writing skill. This writing practice includes email, posting blogs etc. While writing concentrate on only writing, other things are should not be in your mind. Write your blogs or anything with free mind. While writing do not revise, don’t correct or don’t do anything just write. Revise later. Write at least one page of your dissertation per day.

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