Common Mistakes To Be Avoided While Writing Admission Essays

Premier colleges and universities all over the world are besieged every year with several thousand applications for admission. The authorities in charge of the admission process have the Herculean task of sifting through this virtual mountain of data and deciding who gets in, and who doesn't. Very often, there is very little to choose from among these applications, as they all boast very similar high Grade Point Averages and stellar extra-curricular careers. The deciding factor on a lot of occasions isthe essay, which most premier universities have as part of their admission procedure.

Common mistakes and how to avoid them

People often prioritize statistics such as Grade Point Averages over the admission essay. They fail to realize that colleges see thousands of applications professing the same level of excellence on a regular basis. How effectively you can organize your thoughts and present them in an essay often make a huge difference, so it is absolutely mandatory that you submit an impressive essay devoid of mistakes. Here is a list of mistakes commonly made by applicants and to be avoided at all costs:

Having a boring introduction

You have to keep in mind that the person in charge of checking the essays has several other essays with similar topics to go through. If the introduction is poorly written, the checker will be prejudiced towards the rest of your essay, no matter how brilliantly it is written. Ensure that your introduction in intriguing and lays a foundation for the rest of the essay.

Writing a lot but saying very little

The essay in an admission form is a tool to gauge your communication skills, clarity of thinking and how well-informed you are in general. A clear and concise essay that gets its message across using minimum words will make a greater impact than a 5000-word epic that meanders aimlessly about the topic. Verbose is the cardinal error in writing, and should be avoided when penning your admission essays.

Not planning the essay out before writing it

Another common mistake candidates make is to jot down their thoughts and ideas without proper planning. It is essential to think through exactly what points your essay wants to make and have a very clear plan on how to present it, in order to avoid getting stuck in the middle of the writing process.

Forgetting who the readers are

It should always be in the back of your mind that your intended readers of your essay are well-informed professionals and experts at prestigious institutions. The general tone of the essay should be one of respect and civility and inappropriate language shouldn't be used anywhere in the essay. Moreover, you should stay away from using inaccurate or incorrect information since your readers are in a position to cross-check everything you write.

Not giving the readers insight into your character

The very purpose of the admission essay is to convey to the readers that you are better suited for admission at an institution than your fellow candidates. Not giving your readers a glimpse of your character may adversely impact your chances of getting in. Use the essay as a tool to convey to the readers what kind of person you are.

Not being specific

Beating around the bushwhile writing on a specific topic is yet another common mistake candidates make. They talk about it in a very vague manner without taking a stand and talking about specifics. Officials look for candidates who are confident enough to state their knowledge and offer an opinion.

Trying too hard to be funny

Several candidates make the mistake of trying to be funny in an attempt to impress their readers. Forced humor has no place in an admission essay, and should be avoided.

Submitting a poorly-written essay

Of all the mistakes committed by candidates seeking admission in colleges, the gravest is to submit a poorly written essay. Do not submit your essay as soon as you finish writing it. Checking essays for errors is of paramount importance as an error-strewn essay will reflect very poorly on the candidate.

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