How To Write A Winning Nursing School Admission Essay

Getting into a reputed nursing school can be difficult due to limited seats and fierce competition. Remarkable scores and recommendations are the pre-requisites of the application; any previous experience you have in the field may give you an added advantage. However, what makes a real difference to your chances is the admission essay you write. It is not an overstatement that your essay can make or break your chances of getting into a nursing school. So, what makes a winning nursing admission essay? While there are no hard and fast rules for writing an admission essay for nursing schools, some key points should be kept in mind before you start writing. Here is a list which will help you to write a winning nursing school admission essay.

Preparation is the key

Before writing the actual piece, it makes sense to draw a structure for your essay. Make sure that you jot down all the points you wish to highlight. It is also important to mention any relevant experience you have in the field and relate them to your choice of the profession. Think through the introduction and the conclusion of your essay. Do prior research about the school and find out adequate reasons to justify why you are a good fit.

Show that you care

Since the medical profession requires you to deal with people all the time, it is important to show how dedicated you are. A mere statement won't cut the bill in this case; instead, you need to give real-life examples, if any. For instance, mention how you participated in a healthcare campaign in your neighborhood or volunteered for a hospital's outreach program. The selection committee often looks for people who are selfless and have a caring attitude. Every example you cite, therefore, should vividly explain your intention to serve the society.

Show your mental toughness

A degree in nursing requires rigorous training over several years. It is expected that the candidate is mentally and physically tough to undergo such a schedule. Cite specific examples to highlight your mental toughness and your ability to stick to a task till it is completed. It is okay to cite instances where you have failed, but do not fail to mention the key lessons you learned from such experiences. Show the selection committee how your failure has shaped you as a person for the better.

Don't hesitate to share your aspirations

Do not make your essay all about being selfless, but do mention your dreams and aspirations as well. It is important to indicate how a degree in nursing will help you to realize your dreams. Be specific about your goals for the long term, whether you want to pursue a higher degree in nursing or start your career rightafter your graduation. While too many details may not be necessary, a clear idea of your future plans will help the committee understand how committed you are.

Justify your choice

It iscrucial for the selection committee to understand why you have chosen a particular nursing school. This can be briefly touched upon in your admission essay, but make sure that you have done your homework on the history of the institution. It is a good idea to mention how the school has contributed to the society over the years and address the key traits in your character that makes you a good fit for the school.

Make your essay error-free

It is essential that you thoroughly check your work before submitting it. Any errors or typos you make in the essay are likely tokill your chances. An error-free work is what a nursing school expects from its students, and this applies to your admission essay as well. Moreover, you should strive to use simple sentences and communicate your thoughts clearly to your audience.

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