Article Critique:

Over the course of his education every student will have to write a critique of an article or any written. The point behind writing a critique is to offer an objective analysis which could be of a literary or a scientific nature and mention whether the author has supported the main points in the article. It also needs to summarize the salient points of an article ad then analyze it effectively. A good article critique will be a demonstration of the ability of the writer and his tendency to take an objective view of the writing of the writer. Writing a critique entails multiple readings of the article and then forming an informed conclusion.

For a student who is writing an article critique for the first time it could be a bit confusing. Beginners tend to concentrate more in the summary of the article as their main intention would be to fill up the required number of pages. This is not a good way to write a critique. A well experienced writer like the ones we employ will be able to provide an objective view of the article and also an informed critique that satisfies the requirements of the assignment. Since our writers are academicians in their own right they will also be able to write an article review which is suitable to the subject because an article review of a scientific article is written in a different style than an article review of a work of prose.

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