Laboratory Report :

From a different angle of view, Laboratory Report consists of technical aspects related to scientific experimentation and its outcome. Students who prepare lab reports are expected to follow certain guidelines linked with the process of Laboratory Report writing. The introductory part of a Laboratory Report consists of explanation of the process. Here, writer can add background information and details on the proposed experiment. Some people add the main findings to the introductory part. The following part of a lab report must contain the main materials used to complete the experiment, and the method adopted to conduct the experiment. At the same time, students are expected to include data collected during the experiment. On the other side, detailed description of data in the form of results is needed in the following section. One among the main sections of a lab report, named as Analysis section, is important within a lab report because it helps the student to link the experiment and the data, and to describe it. The lab report must end with a Concluding paragraph consisting of main points and findings of the report, thanks.

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